A community focused weekend for building weird, wacky and wonderful projects!

CovHack is back for its second year!

Organised by Coventry University’s Hackathon Society, CovHack is a free to attend student Hackathon.

We provide the food and wifi to let students work on whatever they want and show what they managed to build everyone!


More information and tickets are on our site: covhack.org

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  • To participate you need to be a current student, or have graduated in the last year!
  • While teams can be any size (within reason!), we can only offer prizes to four of members!
  • Have a ticket, see CovHack.org to get one!


Tom Atkins

Tom Atkins
Inclusions Officer @ CovHackSoc


Coach @ Major League Hacking


Lecturer @ Coventry University

Judging Criteria

  • Technical
    We want to see people build something over just presenting an idea, so we'd love to see how functional it is!
  • Challenge
    We're excited to see people learn something new, be it hardware, webdev or even knitting. Please share how you challenged yourself and mistakes you made so we can all learn from you!
  • Share
    Helping others learn! Letting us know of common pitfalls, tools that would help us do similar things and generally just helpful advice. You can do this as part of your demo, or implement it as a core part of your project.